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"When I die
bury me
in the shade
of an








The Acacia Fund commemorates a Filipino immigrant who died of AIDS-related complications on his birthday in April of 1995. His final wish, to have an Acacia tree planted at his gravesite. In this spirit, the Acacia Fund as the symbolic tree, was established in October 4, 1996 to benefit the Asian and Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS (APICHA).

The mission of APICHA is to combat AIDS-related discrimination, and support, empower and enhance the quality of life of Asian and PacificIslanders in the New York City area...particularly community members living with AIDS and HIV infection...through client services, education, training and technical assistance, community organizing, coalition-building, policy analysis and research.

Kalakasan, Pinay, Makibaka
Strength, Filipina, Struggle

I am only 20 years old, yet I have experienced so much being a
Filipino- American... a Pinay especially. There have been many issues
I have dealt with as a young woman. I have been on this journey to defining who
I am... on accepting my brown skin, my real “beauty”, and finding the
strength to help me do this all. A Pinay... to me is a Filipina who is
independent, assertive, one who has voice... She is malakas at maganda...
she is my mother, my nanay, my comare, my tita... all those who have come
before me and who have struggled in order for me to exist in this society.

I want to carry on their struggle to be heard, to be respected and to be
loved for their heart and mind. I want to carry on their legacy... their
amazing beauty. Not a beauty that is superficial, but one that is sacrificial,
and genuine. So that is why I was in search of something that I can wear
that can express my feelings on this. That is why I chose MAKIBAKA...
dare to struggle and to fight on; PINAY... because I am proud to be Filipina...
this is who I am. KALAKASAN... strength and independence...
I think this best describes who I am and I am not ashamed to share this with the world.

Thanks so much.
Marie Obana
San Diego, CA


The baybayin symbols “BA” and “E” represent the sounds of “babae” that evoke sensuality, earth, fire and water. The “BA” symbol, appearing twice represents the Feminine Principle. The “E” symbol represents the elements of Air and Water.

Indigeneous Priestess

The baybayin symbols “BA” and “LA” represent the sounds of “babaylan” that evoke sensuality and spirituality, a unity of heaven and earth. Babaylan unite together the shapes of Feminine and Masculine Principles and their deepest meanings, creating a bridge and a cohesiveness between two aspects of creation.

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